Immigration Bond Services

We write several types of immigration bonds.

  1. Bonds conditioned upon delivery of an alien.
    This bond is written when an alien is held under deportation proceedings.   It is a bond guaranteeing the principal will be delivered for deportation to the Immigration and Naturalization Service when called.
  2. Bonds conditioned upon the voluntary departure of an alien.
    This bond guarantees that the alien will be produced or will produce himself/herself to an immigration officer when called by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.


Our process is simple...

  • Call TBI Surety and speak with our specialists
  • You provide the “A” number or Alien Reg. number
  • We contact immigration on your behalf
  • We call you back to discuss your bonding options
  • We check the status of the person being detained and get instructions
  • We agree on terms and TBI Surety posts the bond
  • Detainee is released and can go home
  • Bond is canceled and collateral is returned or Bond is breached and collateral is forfeited
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